If you knew how to get the job of your dreams, then why haven't you?
Because college doesn't teach you this, that's why. You need advice from young stars in the business world who did things differently to get jobs that don't suck. 

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About Job Moron

Competition for great jobs at great companies is fierce. What’s needed is advice from people who have gone before you who have landed these jobs by doing things DIFFERENTLY and CREATIVELY. That’s what this book is about.


In this book I’ve interviewed young professionals who have great jobs at great companies to hear how they broke through the clutter of competition to get interviews, to get job offers, and to move up the ladder. Companies including; Geffen Records, The X-Games, MTV, The Whitney Museum, Chiat/Day Advertising, top Finance Companies in NYC and leading Software Companies in Austin, NYC, Denver and LA. Plus, I offer proven techniques that have worked for me as well, a History major with no contacts and no internships.


The people interviewed for this book primarily work in: software, advertising, accounting, marketing, publicity, film, television, Internet, fashion, radio, the art world, music and publishing. If you’re not interested in any of these careers don’t worry about it - this book is still for you. The creative strategies that I present are not industry-specific.


Whether you’re trying to get a job at Google, a marketing company in Denver or an Internet start-up in Austin, your big challenge is to somehow GET NOTICED and STAND OUT above the many other applicants so you get an interview and an offer. This book tells you how.


If you do not do things DIFFERENTLY and CREATIVELY then your odds of getting the job you really want will be slim. This book gives you real life examples from my life and from many successful young people on how we landed our dream jobs by doing just this.

Here’s what’s in the book:


  • Simple and creative ways to network in order to make contacts without losing your soul and integrity.

  • How to contact your contacts in a way that will lead to an interview every time.

  • How to make cold calls in order to get interviews. I walk you through actual cold call phone conversations with potential employers.

  • Creative cover letter examples that will break through the clutter.

  • How to write resumes that get noticed.

  • Things you must say in an interview, and what not to say, in order to get an offer.

  • Examples of creative and strategic thank you letters that will lead to follow-up interviews and offers.

  • The honest truth from human resource execs from HBO, Condé Nast, Sony Music, Liz Claiborne etc. on how real people have done things differently to get jobs at their companies, and how people have blown it as well.

  • The truth on how to go from being an assistant at your dream company, to having one.


About Charlie

After graduating from the University of Virginia with a History degree, Charlie went to an island for a year and then moved to New York City and started waiting tables at night while writing crappy poetry and plays during the day. Finally, scared about his future, with zero contacts and zero internships, he managed to join the real world and get great jobs at great companies. How? By breaking the rules and doing this differently.


He has worked in NYC in publicity and on Broadway as a theater manager; in Hollywood for CBS Television and William Morris Endeavor agency; as Vice President of Strategic Planning in advertising for DDB, Lowe & Partners and Publicis in NYC, San Francisco and Dallas; as a Brand Consultant advising companies such as Adidas and Heineken; and as the Chief Operating Officer of a software company in Austin, TX.


Presently, he is a partner in a software company based in Austin, TX, and works remotely as a digital nomad in Central America.


Charlie is the author of "Job Moron: Idiot-Proof Strategies for Getting Jobs That Don't Suck," as well as two other books on careers (published by HarperCollins and Random House), has written for Rolling Stone Magazine about careers and used to appear weekly on CNN. As he says, "I spent my life getting jobs, working in jobs and moving up the ladder at great companies. My advice comes from over twenty-five years in the trenches of Advertising, Marketing, Film & TV, Publicity and Software."



For one-on-one coaching with Charlie, please fill in the contact form or email me at jobmoronbook@gmail.com. I will help you with any or all of the following:

  • Resumes: Craft a resume that taps into all of your strengths and experience.

  • Cover Letters: Write strategic and creative cover letters that will break through the clutter and get you noticed.

  • Networking: Create a networking strategy that gets you job leads and interviews.

  • Your Story: Help craft your story so that you can explain to others in interviews and networking opportunities why your unique experience makes you perfectly suited for the position you're going for.


1 hour Skype Video or phone call with Charlie - $35

30 min. Skype Video or phone call with Charlie - $20

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This book beats them all - it's hysterical, practical and doesn't make any of it seem like it is supposed to be easy. I will admit that, as a 28 year old with a liberal arts degree in a ... job, this book was aimed directly at me. I especially like his perspective that nobody deserves anything and its a massive competition. His writing style is very entertaining and the information is down-to-earth and brutally honest. Now for the hard part - putting in into practice...! (review of "Jobs That Don't Suck")

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